Psychological assessment and therapy for children, parents and both together

We can help with childhood depression, anxiety, posttraumatic stress, attachment-related and behavioural difficulties as well as difficulties specific to infancy and young children including feeding, sleeping, toileting and relationship problems. Our experience working with children and their parents has shown the benefits of seeking professional help.

The initial session takes 1 ½ hours and the following sessions are 50 minutes.

In the initial session we will ask questions about your experience of your child from pregnancy up until their current age, and your reasons for seeking help. We might ask about your child’s temperament, developmental milestones, their learning and behaviour, how they express their feelings and how they relate to others. We will then decide, depending on the age of your child and the presenting difficulty, which model of therapy will bring about the best outcome. Younger children require greater support from their parent and generally parents are coached alongside a child’s therapy. Older children do not require as much support from their parent; however, parents receive feedback and are provided with opportunities to discuss any difficulties.

The number of therapy sessions depends on the type and level of difficulty the parent and/or child is presenting with.