Psychological assessment and therapy for adults

We can help you manage difficulties such as stress, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and other concerns. With good assessment and treatment you can make changes that will benefit you and those close to you.  

We will first ask you questions about yourself and the reason that you are seeking support. This will help us determine the factors that might be contributing to the difficulties you are experiencing.

The next step is to set realistic goals for change and to start treatment. We believe that it is important to offer interventions that the research suggests will help you with your concerns. These interventions are well structured: they contain specific goals, strategies and techniques.

The initial therapy session takes about 1 ½ hours and the following sessions are 50 minutes (a therapy hour). The number of therapy sessions depends on the type and level of difficulty that you are presenting with, and will be negotiated with you.

Specialist service for transition to parenting

Our team has a special interest in transition to parenting. Alex Winlove has significant experience working with children, as well as adults experiencing mental health or relationship issues that impact on day-to-day parenting. Dr. Natalie Flynn has a successful history of working with adults who are experiencing emotional difficulties caused or exacerbated by the stress of parenting. We are well equipped to provide you with the relevant intervention.

Post Adoption Psychology and Counselling Service

Emotional Health Services are proud to offer a post adoption psychology and counselling service.

Before you read this we think it is important to state that we are here for you and your family. We are committed to confidentiality and are not part of any other adoptive services including Oranga Tamariki, Adoption Information and Services Units, and ICANZ.  We know that families who have adopted share the same rewards and difficulties as all families. However, parenting an adopted child raises additional challenges, and therefore EHS psychologists are pleased to work alongside adoption counsellor Karina Ledwos. Please read Karina’s bio later on this page and click on the bio tab for the psychologists’ bios.

As a client-centred service we are committed to working with you to develop a plan to meet your family’s needs and choices.  Because of this we use an Adoption Specialist Partnership Approach (ASPA).