In addition to clinical work and writing, Dr Natalie Flynn is an experienced and sought-after public speaker with her talk Smart Parenting: what science says about caring for your baby

As parents we are bombarded with excessive and often conflicting information about baby care. We’re inundated by advice from social media, books, lobby groups, and well-intentioned friends and family.

How can we sort fact from fiction?

That’s just what clinical psychologist Dr Natalie Flynn has done.

In her new, ground-breaking book, Smart Mothering, Natalie shares evidence-based tools, strategies and conclusions from more than five years’ research and 20 years’ clinical experience.

Natalie’s talk will deliver insights into the big issues, from modern parenting styles and soothing strategies to day care options, technology and parental mental health.

This is a talk for any parent or carer who wants to make informed decisions about looking after their baby.

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Upcoming events

Friday 16 August 2019, 12:00–12:30
The Auckland Baby Show, ASB Showgrounds

6–10 November 2019
The Verb Festival, Wellington